Strategy and Consulting

It is time to revise, create and innovate

                                        Vision and Mission

As one of the consulting services marketing strategy, I help companies to develop a renewed vision and mission of the different brands, providing the required doses of creativity and innovation, which might achieve such a distinction is sought vs. competition.


Brand Strategy and Positioning

In order to stablish a long standing brand in the market, companies have to design competitive strategies to settle into the consumers’ minds in a market cramped of similar products and services. Such strategies help consumers learn what they need and also significantly change the rules of the game of the competitors.

In a highly competitive market, products have to evolve dramatically fast.

We work in the definition of integrated processes of Branding and Marketing 360 º which allows us to observe its evolution at different levels, as well as the final achievement of a  brand’s speech that captures the interest and fidelice the target group we are addressing .

In order to help companies to develop an appealing position, the concise and long standing message , we all want to fix in the mind of the consumer. This is clearly a key benefit that our consulting services can assist you. Most brands do not have a clear positioning.


The communication does not simply “happen” . Effective communication requires an effective strategy and an action plan. To achieve this effectively, the strategy should contain three factors simultaneously:

  • The objectives and goals
  • Operational constraints and impediments (what to and what not to do)
  • The conditions of the environment in which we articulate the strategy

Furthermore, we analyze the context in which such communication develops and test it in accordance with what the receiver picks up and understands. That is the reality that we understand and our consultation will help you decipher it.

Sales and Distribution Channels

A key factor to consider in a brand strategy is the “consumer’s behavior”:

  • How does he want to buy that product?
  • Does he want to buy it through retailers in a specific store, or prefer to buy online
  • What distribution channels are better served to facilitate the proper information before purchasing?

Here are some of the many issues to be raised by the brands, especially in a rapidly changing environment such as the current one, in which new forms of distribution are under heavy pressure due to the price reasons, which makes consumers to mobilize to search conscientious in alternative channels, the most economic one.

Supply Chain. Sourcing in Asia

The supply of products in Asia is evolving very quickly and the meteoric economic growth of emerging Asian countries such as India and China. This noticeably affects the supply.

You need to be aware of the migration of production that are occurring to alternative producers in new countries.

I can help you develop a procurement strategy appropriate to the type of product.