Trends to consider for brand positioning

Time ago, I read what an intellectual said that ”the legends created around the prediction have been common throughout human history: the Gods speak, the spirits speak and now, computers speak.” What this intellectual obviated at the time, were the consumers. More specifically our marketing environment, the consumer speaks and “speaks massively,” and it is our mission, for marketers, know how to understand and collect their thoughts in large volumes their needs.
Through market research, we have more tools to help us decipher and understand the expectations and behaviors towards coming trends in the markets.

But in these uncertain times, the task of deciphering and guess, it’s bloody  complicated, but there may be a number of considerations or trends that brands should bear in mind for 2011 and 2012, are chasing the success of your brand and will have consequences on the  marketing efforts to be undertaken:

  • The brand value is set by the consumer
    Excessive spending, even on sale items will be replaced by a real reason-to-buy


  • The brand stands for value
    What makes goods and services more valuable is what surrounds the brand and what consumers perceive brand value. It is about social ethics. The brand must stand for something beyond its rational elements. You can not simply represent the “cause of the day” or do just what other brands do. The brand must have corporate social responsibility efforts to be authentic and believably coherent, sustainable and committed. The success of a brand at the time of tense economic instability will come from that connection with your target group.


  • Differentiation can be emotional
    Differentiation remains key to the success of the brand. While there is no real innovation, and accelerating the ability to imitate other brands and get similar products. Therefore, increasing differentiation will come from what the brand offers to consumers emotionally


  • Dialogue between consumers rather than talk to the brand
    The growth of social networks and platforms for data exchange between consumers, outside the brand, will increase as consumers become more comfortable to get the real information about products, from completely unknown people. The brands will be forced to feed off of the virtual world as never before done.


  • The influence of friends
    This influence will increase as well. If consumers are confident, the community will extend the trust of the brand and word of mouth will be critical.


  • Put the brand available to consumers
    The technology is growing at breakneck speed and its high portability creates easy transactions. Brands that make it difficult to buy on the small screen will be affected. We must be particularly attentive to the explosion of promotions and discounts that can help customize the consumer’s experience


  • Proliferation of competitors
    Brands will find more competition on the Internet, not only from traditional brands.
    Internet has changed the rules of the game with consumers, taking away relevance to the knowledge of a brand, even, considering it. The consciousness here is replaced by the word of mouth and viral experience. Knowing what drives a category and what consumers really expect, in addition what generates loyalty to them, can give a positive advantage to an unknown brand, to eat a piece of the pie of the leading brands


  • Exponential Expectations
    The brands can barely meet current consumer expectations. Every day, consumers adopt and devour the latest technologies and innovations, and are still hungry for more. A lot  has been done in the world of applications, but a higher meteoric rise is expected in the near future.


  • The commitment is not a fad
    It is the way consumers do business today. Marketers must still be used as the right platform to put our message and experience. But we have only one goal for the future: The real and genuine commitment of the brand.

Accommodate these trends to our brand strategy, require changes in how to measure, manage and market the brands in the business world. And yes, change can be at times, terrifying. But the change should represent an opportunity. However, for brands that ignore these trends may well be the last.

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